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The Relevance of Impressive . . .

by Carl Anthony

What makes a vehicle impressive?  As a self-described “car buff,” I often times wonder the answer to this question, especially as cars evolve along with the technological landscape.  Today, some automobiles, like the 2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class, come equipped with onboard cameras and radar.  They scan the area ahead of the car and if a driver happens to look away, even a second, and something or someone wonders into the path?  The brakes are applied instantly without human input.  This is an example of technology and safety in one shot – both important and both impressive. 

I think about how “impressive” has changed over the years too. One day, those on board cameras will be as typical as the power locks.  They will be old hat.  Just as it was thought fuel injection was the height of engine advancement.  Now it is standard stuff.  People today, who walk onto a car lot, don’t ask: “what is fuel injection and does this model have it?”  However, in the late 80’s, it may have been one of the first questions a sales consultant would have encountered from a potential customer.  There was a time the incredibly powerful EcoBoost, V6 engine was reserved only for the Lincoln models and a small number of high end Fords.  Now, the F-150 carriers the option and the EcoBoost has never seen more press, despite being available on the other models for some time.  As other truck makers rush to the line to counter attack with their own engine offerings, what does Ford have in store that is above and beyond even the EcoBoost?  What will be the new impressive?  And will that new, as yet unseen, above and beyond element, be thought of as commonplace one day?   

The answer is most likely, “yes.” 

It makes me excited to see what the future holds.  I imagine, one day, I will tell a younger car buff all of the “impressive” things about my 2013 truck.  While I think they are amazing – like the turbo charging – that future car buff may have a different definition of “impressive.”  And like so, I will be fascinated to learn how he defines it as I hope he will be equally as fascinated how I once did.