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VIDEO: Reese Witherspoon Being Arrested Shown on Police Dashboard Camera

by Vanessa Ryan

As you probably already know, Reese Witherspoon was arrested on a disorderly conduct charge in Atlanta Friday April 19th. Video surfaced of her being taken into the police precinct in handcuffs on April 24th and she made a public apology in her first interview after her arrest just yesterday (5/2).

Now video has been released of Reese being arrested from the police car dashboard cam.  One could look at this video as even more embarrassment for her, but I think she comes off as more cooperative than I had imagined in my head.  I assumed she was more out of control than what I see.  I have the utmost respect for police so I don't feel she shouldn't have been taken into custody, especially after disobeying the officer's order to stay in her vehicle, but I'm glad she didn't act more foolishly. 

What do you think?