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How Much Exercise is TOO Much?

by Corey Carter

Every year around the Holiday's I can't control myself when it comes to indulging in the Christmas Cookies, cakes and all the special recipies that the season brings.

To counter that, I try to work out more, sometimes twice a day if my schedule allows.  (I know that loosing/maintaining weight isn't just a calories-in vs. calories-burned game, but it just makes me feel better about splurging more often this month.

I came across this article that talks about when, from an immunity standpoint, is TOO much when it comes to exercising.  (It's from www.paleodietlifestyle.com) Read it HERE: http://paleodietlifestyle.com/exercise-immunity/ 

(BTW: One of my New Years Resolutions is going to be to try the "Paleo Lifestyle" diet, which I'm sure you'll get to read a lot about on this blog, as I'll be excited to give updates)