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Making Your Salad Sweat To Save You Calories

by Mark Evans
We've all seen it.  Hell, we've all DONE it!!

You order the wonderful salad at your favorite restaurant the features every healthy thing offered on the menu!  Lettuce, raw veggies, perhaps a hard boiled egg and some sort of lean Turkey, Chicken or Ham.  I nice low-calorie bundle of beautiful color that you are about to alter in to a feast loaded with fat, calories and unhealthy amounts of sodium.

Here's your killer....the dressing.  I mean take a look at most dressings, read the label and you'll probably just move on the ordering the burger and fries because - honestly - they'll be about the same in a moment.

One serving size of Ranch Dressing is roughly one Tablespoon.  That one serving is roughly 80 - 100 calories.  Honestly, do you just use one Tablespoon?  No.  The average person uses 8 - 10 Tablespoons PER SALAD!!  That's an additonal 800 - 1000 calories!!  Just order the Burger at this rate.

To best receive the health benefits of the salad, it's obvious what you need to do:  Knock it off with the creamy, fat dressings!!

 Here's a suggestion to best enjoy the health benefits of eating right, which actually boosts the natural flavors in the food.  Salt and Pepper.  Just a light later of salt and pepper brings out the natural waters in all vegetation, providing flavor and moisture to your salad.  It shouldn't taste like Salt and Pepper....but add enough that within a minute or two you're seeing the desired result.

You will enjoy both a new taste - and a new health benefit to eating right!