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What The World Really Needs Is A Better Condom

by Dave Strandberg

It has to be a nightmare for Bill Gates to try and spend his moneyall the money he has.  The Bill Gates Foundation will be awarding a million dollars to the winner of a contest to invent and produce a better condom.  The preliminary winners  were announced this week, each grabbing a hundred thousand dollars to continue on with their ideas.  Among the prototypes were condoms made with cow tendons, which feels "very much like skin" according to its inventor, and a condom that wraps on like Saran Wrap.  According to Gates, the winner will create a condom that significantly preserves and enhances the pleasure of the people using it while also preventing pregnancy and disease.  I'm guessing that the testing portion of the invention process might be the best part.  Good luck to all the contestants...build a better condom and the world will beat a path to your door