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Toilet Injuries On the Rise

by Rat

Who knew toilet training could be so dangerous? According to a new study from Reuters Health, emergency room doctors are revealing that they are seeing more injuries caused by falling toilet seats. Basically what is happening is young boys are learning to use the toilet standing up, when suddenly the seat and lid fall crushing their mini manhood. Dr. Benjamin Breyer of the University of California says, "It's a toddler basically potty training who doesn't have the most advanced motor skills and they just don't have the reflexes to move fast enough." According to their study they found that the number of "crush" injuries has increased by 100 every year since 2002, up to 1,707 emergency room visits in 2010. Beyer also states, "This data can be the tip of the iceberg, because there could be kids who are hurt whose parents don't bring them to the ER. So this could be an underestimation of how often this is going on." So we may never know how many toilet seat injuries occur in a year but at least now maybe you can see why some men don't lift the seat.