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I Know That Voice!

by Robb Reel

I was at the gas station, ready to pay, and I noticed that the radio behind the counter was playing a commercial with my voice.  That's pretty normal for me so I thought nothing of it when the cashier asked if my giant 44-oz. Coke would be all.  "And 40 on pump 13, please."  She got a weird look on her face, the kind my dogs get when I use words not in their normal repertoire of commands.  She looked at the radio and back at me, back at the radio, then back at me.

"You're the guy from the radio."

"Yes... yes, I am," I replied with a slight grin.

"I knew I knew that voice!"

Maybe you do that with commercials or cartoons.  A new documentary will introduce film goers to the faces behind the characters they love.  I Know That Voice will hit theaters this fall, featuring many of the voices you already know and love.