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Baby Food Take 1!

by Katie Schurk

After purusing Pinterest and talking to other Moms, I decided to take the plunge and make baby food.  I used to have the attitude of seriously, it is a buck for two containers of baby food, not exactly breaking my bank, but as I was feeding Brody the other day and looking at the ingredients, I became intrigued.  Do you know what the ingredients of green beans are?  Green Beans and water.  That is it.  I was paying someone to puree green beans for me.  The same bag of frozen green beans I can get for 88 cents.  Now this became about the principle.  I felt like I was being duped.

Not only that, I have struggled with food my entire life.  I am a child who grew up on fast food and fatty dinners (no I am not blaming my parents- my mom cooked minimum 5 days a week for us, but she had 4 kids...we went to McDonalds a lot and I totally get why.)  I have had a hard time making the best choices when it comes to food, so if I can get Brody on the right track as soon as possible, I am pretty much willing to do anything.  So if he sees Mom using vegetables and fruits right out of the fridge, I am hoping he goes for those same items in the fridge when he is 5 and 6.

My first attempt was last night with sweet potatoes.  I bought three sweet potatoes, peeled them, cut them into cubes, and steamed them.  (I used a handy steamer for vegetables from pampered chef for about ten bucks.)  I then threw them in the blender with a little over a half a cup of water.  Pureed the heck out of the bad boys and voila.  After that I put them in a silicone ice cube tray and put them in the freezer (silicone is easier to pop them out of.)  When I get home, I will pop those bad boys out.  Each cube is 1 oz.  and the Gerber containers are 2 oz, so I will put two cubes in my breastfeeding storage bags and bam, I will have 12 servings of sweet potatoes.  All for 2 bucks as opposed to 6 bucks.  The best part was it was SUPER EASY!!!  It took me thirty minutes total!

I am also realistic about this whole food thing.  Brody will not be eating all homemade food.  As much as I like the homemade stuff, I am also a fan of convenience.  If we are traveling, he will be eating Gerber packs.  If I am tired one week, yep, I may head to the grocery store and stock up for the week.  I also don't really want to make certain foods...foods like prunes.  Yep, heading to the store for those bad boys.  

Up next- PEACHES!

                                                        This is all it took!