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Dads Grab A Camera Every Now And Then!

by Katie Schurk

This is something I find so frustrating, and maybe even disheartening!  I have very few pictures with my son. I can literally count them on one hand.  Pictures of just my son and I.  Pictures of his milestones.  He is going to look back at these pictures and think wow, Mom was lazy!  Dad did everything- was Mom even around?

Why yes Brody, I was there.  I was actually the one who was giving you your first solid foods.  I was the one who witnessed your first smile.  I was the one who took you swimming for the fist time.  The problem is I was also the one who said, we need a picture of this!  It was me, not Dad.  It was Dad who grabbed the spoon for two seconds while I ran to get the camera.

And no, I am not trying to throw Dad under the bus.  I just want Dad to once and a while say, hey let me take a picture of you and Brody.  Or when I ask Dad to take a picture, be patient and take 100 pictures until we get one of you looking at the camera and smiling.

So words of advice to Dads...grab the camera, take the pictures.  Moms want and cherish these memories just as much as you do!