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What parents of a toddler should NEVER, EVER buy.

by Katie Schurk

So Brody went to go spend a weekend with Grandma and Grandpa recently, and it was then that he was introduced to fruit snacks. We don't do a ton sweets in our house and truly try to limit his sweets to "special occasions." His idea of dessert is applesauce. So a visit to Grandma and Grandpas is a special occasion and lets be honest he loved them. Just like he loves his applesauce...or so I thought.

Cut to two weeks later at the grocery store. I see fruit snacks on sale and think hmmm, this would be a good treat for Brody on those special days or in dire situations. Yep, biggest mistake of my life. This is the result....

For some reason this kid has it in his head that when he gets up from his nap he deserves a fruit snack. We are hardcore suckers for routine in our house, so he always gets a snack after nap, to tide him over until supper. Well, this kid seems to think that since he knows where the fruit snacks are, he is allowed to overly indulge in all fruit snacks. He thinks he should just be given an endless supply of fruit snacks. Every day after his nap we now traipse up the stairs where he runs directly to the pantry. He opens the door and I try to distract him with applesauce, veggie bars, yogurt. But nope, he stands strong and wants those fruit snacks. Every now and then I cave. The problem is, he is not ok with just one pack of fruit snacks. After one pack of fruit snacks...this ensues...

This is now what he thinks of applesauce. This lasted for 40 minutes. BUT I DID NOT CAVE! That was a parenting victory in my eyes.

So some unsolicited advice to parents considering introducing fruit snacks to your kids...DON'T DO IT! This is crack for kids.