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Kids Get A Hold of the Permanent Marker?? Here are some clean-up tips...

by Corey Carter

By Evan-amos (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons 

Left the permanent marker out?  Toddlers get a hold of it??

(This is usually only a mistake you make ONCE...)

Here are some tips to getting the marker out of different materials:

1-Clothes - use hand sanitizer

2-Walls - use toothpaste or hairspray

3-Wood - use rubbing alcohol

4-Carpet - use white vinegar

5-Dry Erase Board - use dry erase marker 

6-Furniture - use milk (just make sure then you clean the milk out so it doesn't get spoiled - stinky!)

I will admit that I haven't tried any of these - but if you ever get in this situation...what do you have to lose, right?!?