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Royal Baby--name game

by Aimee Sedik

Parents magazine is reporting  that babies in the UK are going nameless!  This is due to the fact, many mums and dads are waiting for the Royal Baby to be born so they can give their little prince or princess the same name!

Personally, I wanted a name that wasn't in the top 10 so that my daughter wouldn't be in  a classroom with 6 others Olivia's.  Of course, that meant I couldn't use names that I loved liked Lorelai, Michayla and Olivia, but I didn't want her to be known by her last name or a nickname because she wasn't the first of her name on the roll call list.

I would have understood this better if they were waiting to NOT use the same name as the future prince or princess, but that's me.

Would you wait to name your baby because of a birth of another?