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Date Night With Sadie

by David Kuharski

It's a yearly tradition for many families-- Buy the kids their costumes.  In a previous post I noted that we've been slowly buying costumes, as we find them--as we have the money.  You know the routine.  So, this past weekend Julie, as my Chief Procurement Officer, told me that 'Operation Halloween Costumes' was complete...EXCEPT for the little princess Sadie!  Julie came up with an awesome idea.  See, I take Julie to work.  Yeah it's more gas money, but it gives me peace of mind.  Well, her idea was 'Drop me off and then you and Sadie can go out on a father-daughter date night!'  Perfect!  On a budget (another blog post directed to big families is on the way) I offered Sadie her choice of some fast food restaurants (Chide me all you want--YUP YUP Big spender... I know yatta yatta--but if she had a choice, like all of my kids, she'd pick a fast food place).  After dinner, I took her to the more posh GIGANTO big box retailer in town and let her look at costumes.  Julie and I had an idea of what we could afford.  And, for her part, unknowingly, Sadie picked a little princess costume right in the range--not Super Girl-- not the pink Power Ranger-- just a simple little princess costume.  I asked her over and over--just to make sure she had what she wanted. 

More important, Julie and I try to spend time with our kids one-on-one.  We want them to have their individual time.  And Sadie had time to talk with me about the restaurant and costumes.  Yeah, with a big family we can't always window shop.  So, I made sure Sadie had time to look at toys (Good idea if you're trying to come up with a Christmas list, nudge nudge).  And she surprised me, locking in on certain toys and not others.  

When she arrived home, with costume in tow, her little sissie and brothers pounced on her happily and she told her stories about having chicken nuggets and shopping.  It was very cool!