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Trust me, you're not alone

by David Kuharski

Yup, I'll admit it--after reading some of my blog posts I've come away with a very 'Brady Bunch' feeling.  You know, the 'utopian parenting scenario where nothing goes wrong' scenario.  SO--In an effort to appease the reality blog (deep, echoing voice guy) GODS! ... Here's my installment of "WHEN TODDLERS ATTACK!"

Our story takes us to Superior, Wisconsin this past bright, sunny Sunday!  OK fast forward to after church--Julie and I take the family out for lunch.  (this is almost akin to the tornado stories of the 70s when witnesses told inquisitive reporters 'It just came out of the BLUE! It was such a gorgeous day!')

How did church go? FINE (cue the winner bell *DING)

How did GETTING ready for church go?  FINE (*DING)

HOW did leaving church go (trying to spot the dark clouds on the horizon)?  FINE! (*DING)

BETTER YET--With everyone buckled into our van, I pump everyone up by telling them that we're going to get some yummy lunch!  YAY!

What happens when we get there?  (Cue the deep voiced 'WHEN TODDLERS ATTACK!')


While my girls held their own--and my oldest boy too--our younger boys either lost their hearing or threw major temper tantrums.  Yup, you know--the ones where restaurant-goers glare at you and mumble under their breath!  Yup, the very same kind where disgruntled diners move to other end of the restaurant while the manager warily watches from the counter.

OH YEAH! What fun! 

Julie ended up having to take our youngest back out to the van... Meanwhile, me--the backup QB who rarely sees time with the 'A' squad--is under center with our 2nd youngest as he works through his own tantrum.

So, what happened?  What did we miss?  What went awry? Well, what ritual did we all suffer ... er, uh... bad word choice ... go through early Sunday morning?  The TIME CHANGE!  Oh boy! We all, including toddlers who need sleep, lost an hour of sleep!  Can you see the meteorologist breaking down why the storm fired up that perfect, sunny day? High pressure here... Low pressure there... unstable here... bitterly cold there...

Feel free to share your 'WHEN TODDLERS ATTACK!' story... trust me, you're not alone...

I found this graphic--boy wouldn't it have been nice if we had gained an hour?