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Starting baby food

by Nikki Montgomery

My twins Kenzie and Zoey are 6 months old today. Up til now they haven't shown too much interest in food, but now that they're 6 months we got the go ahead from the doctor to start baby food.

Today we have their 6 month well baby visit with the pediatrician. At this visit I'll ask the doctor what order in which we should try new foods, how long before moving on to the next food, and how often they should get baby food and bottles.

I will be making my own baby food so I need to make a plan because I do it in large batches. That's the best way I've found to do it being a working mom. Avocados and bananas are great to keep on hand though because all you have to do is mash them up or throw them in the blender so if you need something quick for them they're perfect. Other fruits and veggies you have to steam, boil or bake first. Squash is one of my favorites to make because I love the smell. While you're making it you can get lots of other stuff done too. You just cut it in half, coat the skin in olive oil, put it on the cookie sheet meat side down and throw it in the oven, forget it for an hour then blend it up with some breast milk to thin it out. One squash makes a lot of baby food and it freezes well.

I can't believe 6 months have gone by already! Time flies, but I think it goes even faster when there's two of them.

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