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Your 2nd Baby is 2nd Best

by Nikki Montgomery

Okay no mother will never ever say that their 2nd child is 2nd best, but they will probably get 2nd best of everything.

One-fifth of mothers say that they spend less on child number two. On average moms spent $300 less on their second child because they say they just have a more realistic idea of what baby actually needs. Besides that they are also more likely to buy store brand diapers and wipes the second time around.  Second time moms realize that buying expensive new clothes for baby is pointless so they are more likely to accept hand-me-downs or go to a thrift store or garage sales for baby clothes. 

When I was pregnant with my first there were a few things that we borrowed or went without. Now that we're awaiting the arrival of our 2nd we're going to go out and buy these things. 

  • We didn't have a changing table so we had the pack-n-play bassinet set up all the time for diaper changes on the first floor and we just used a changing pad on the floor upstairs. We don't have room for the pack-n-play to be set up all the time anymore because we've turned that room into Mia's playroom. We also learned from a couple mishaps on the floor that a changing table may not be a bad investment after all. 
  • We borrowed a bumbo seat with a tray and it was fantastic. Even if I can borrow it from my brother and sister-in-law again I would still like to buy one for the babysitter. It's a dream! I loved being able to set Mia in it with the tray full of toys so I could get things done.
  • We also borrowed an exersaucer from my mom, but we had to haul it back and forth whenever we went over to her house to visit so to avoid that hassle I would like to buy one.
  • We didn't have an activity mat with all the fun hanging toys. We just had one that you put on the floor for tummy time with activities on it, but Mia hated tummy time so she rarely used it. 

Since I got most of Mia's baby stuff at my baby shower and I will not be having a baby shower this time, even if I have a boy, I will spend more money on baby number 2. If it's a boy I have to buy all new bedding too. 

We find out next month the gender of the baby. I have to wait an extra week for the ultrasound because Josh is on a business trip the week we could find out. Boo! 

Did you spend less, more or about the same on your second child?