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RESCUE PETS (Heartwarming stories)

by Sean Stevens

Being a pet lover can be rough on your emotions.  There are so many heartwarming stories of how rescued pets have helped turn human lives around AND how people have come through for an animal in need when there was no one else.

Many of these stories have sad beginings, but happy endings,  Too often we don't hear about tthe unfortunate endings like euthinations and gas chambers because there just isn't enough room at all of the shelters.  Thousands of pets die every year without a chance for a normal life.  Puppy mills need to become illegal.  We can only ASK that you lend your voice to help the voiceless animals.

Here are some heartwarming stories of adoption. http://theanimalrescuesite.greatergood.com/clickToGive/ars/story/my-life-changed-forever229?utm_source=faceaff&utm_medium=ilmd&utm_term=20131029&utm_campaign=my-life-changed-forever229