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Say NO To Pet Stores

by Sean Stevens

Every year THOUSANDS of animals are killed simply because of over population, yet people still over breed dogs in puppy mills for pet stores just for profit.  These animals are innocent and these puppy mills have to be stopped!  The animals are suffering, the pet population is exploding, and these puppy mills someday (hopefully) will be illegal. 

Don't get me wrong, I feel every dog deserves a loving home, and I would take them all if I could, but adopt from your local shelter.  You can be sure these dogs are healthy with required shots and are neutered to prevent more overpopulation.

I've adopted 5 times and have NEVER been disappointed.  These dogs need homes!  Many shelter dogs are mixed breeds with wonderful personalities that just want a chance to be part of a family.  Next time you are considering a pet, take a drive to your local shelter and I have no doubt you'll come home with your new BEST FRIEND! http://www.kalamazooanimalrescue.org/