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Make Food Look Tasty!

by Dave Kallaway

Facebook is where a LOT of people post what they eat..what they drink..but getting it to look tasty..that takes a little photographic skill. A couple of tips of making your dishes of deeelish look good. First..right after take something out of the oven..chances are it's glistening, bubbling..BOOM..that's when you wan to take a picture. Chicken for example. It doesn't take more than a minute for it to lose that shine and steam..capture that just pulled out of the oven look. Also..for salads, veg pics..try to get them in their natural color. I have a kitchen that has sort of pinkish counters..so that comes through in my pictures and I don't want that. If you take a pic of a salad..and the lettuce doesn't look green..the red peppers don't look red..and so on...try using a flash or adjust your white balance til you get natural looking color in your food. Food pics are the best when they make the viewer's mouth water..get your snap on!!