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Packers Promote 2, but Cobb on IR

by Jon Henseler

I'd say the first 2 seconds of this video pretty accurately sum up the process of trying to find players to fill a roster when you have 2 (ish) wide receivers that are healthy on your roster. Just not a ton of options. So when Teddy Ballgame put Cobb on the IR yesterday (eligible to come of on December 15th) and had to find anybody, he did what Teddy Ballgame does, and that's look internally. Myles White is the WR he pulled off the practice squad and he also added TE Jake Stoneburner who's Wikipedia page is barely a run-on sentence. I know the popular sentiment was to give Driver a call, but that's the nostalgic fan/blogger outlook and the fairy tale story-line that I think we all knew wasn't going to happen. Grow Peter Pan, Count Chocula. And the other options that were being tossed around on sports radio were guys like Brandon Lloyd, Terrell Owens and Randy Moss which clearly were never going to happen but they did eat up some air time and some internet space for people like me.

That being said, anyone who has been a Packer fan in the Ted Thompson regime knew this was the move. He always promotes from within which if you put it in a 'real world' context makes sense. If someone at your office gets knocked on their ass with the flu, somebody else picks up the slack. You don't sign some random person off the street, you go with the person who already works there and understands how things work in that office. Like if I couldn't blog, I'm sure my corporate office (mom, dad) would choose my dog and assistant Brewer to fill in for me. He knows how this works, he knows what to look for, and most importantly we both get paid in jerky so payroll gets an easy transition. Also I kind of suspect Ted LOVES these situations. Like you know he's not rooting for anyone to get injured, but nobody, and I mean nobody, makes somebodies out of nobodies like Ted Thompson. It's like when your girlfriend or wife or fiance watches America's Next Top Model. You can't openly be a fan, but you sneaky like watching it. Same deal here. Thompson clearly doesn't want injuries, but I'd imagine there's no greater satisfaction as a general manager than when your team's depth gets complimented. In Ted We Trust.