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Packers Take Down the Champs in Baltimore

by Jon Henseler

Listen I know the overwhelming sentiment in Packer Nation this morning is 'UGLY' but as long as we're also screaming 'VICTORY!' like Johnny Drama then I think that's all that matters. Plus I have what you might call a 'stigma' about calling games 'ugly.' We used to do a segment with Larry McCarren a few years back. He called in to break down the game and I tried not to think about his pinkie finger wobbling around like a Twizzler on the other end of the phone*. So in 2010 after the Jets game, I think the Pack won 9-0, I started the segment with 'well Larry it was an ugly win but I guess it was still a win.' After which Larry went on a Taffer-esque  ant that went from 0 to 60 in terms of awkwardness. Pretty sure I talked like I was on NPR the rest of the segment. I thought he was going to take my mom out for a nice seafood dinner and never call her again afterwards. So as long as we're spelling U-G-L-Y as W-I-N then I'm good.

-AJ Hawk. I mean what was that all about yesterday? 10 tackles? 5 for loss? Hat trick of sacks? Like after a while I began to wonder if he was actually Clay Matthews with a haircut and toe thumbs . The only downer was the lack of offensive celebration! Come on AJ, the FCC is shut down, this was your time to shine! You can't give us this:

And this:

And then nothing. Of course I'm not really sure what he would go to after those two, but you get the point. Maybe he'll come up with something really cool that I've never even heard of before.

- I just knew Mason would miss one after we spend a paragraph on him last week. Mush city; Mayor Henseler welcomes you. 

- John Kuhn owes EVERY player on that goal-line stand a steak dinner. And I'm not talking a quick and dirty $15 Applebees steak. I'm talking some old '96er type stuff Packers get the punt block and Kuhn doesn't adhere to the prison 'no touching' rules and before you know it the Ravens have new life and are on the doorstep. Then our D steps up with a huge stop. Only thing missing was BJ Raji slamming a staff in the ground and yelling 'NONE SHALL PASS!'

- 2013 draft class not looking to shabby huh? Baktiari solid at left tackle, Datone Jones starting to get it going with a fumble recovery yesterday, Lacy is a workhorse, Franklin nice change of pace and then Micah Hyde having a coming out party. Say what you will about Teddy Ballgame's free agent moves but don't say he can't draft his ass off. Somebody get that guy a cat to pet while he laughs diabolically.

- I know it's not realistic, but on a scale of 1 to 10 how cool would it be to bring Driver back with all of our wide receiver injuries. 11? 12? Now there hasn't been official word on how long Jones and Cobb will be out, and I'm no Chim Richalds, but I'd guess a few weeks at minimum. I know we've got guys on our practice squad and blah blah blah, but the story-line would be too good. Which is exactly why Vince McMahon needs to be deputy commissioner. 

So yeah, was it ugly? For sure. Do we care? For sure not. Winnable games against the Browns and Vikings should set up a Monday Night showdown with da Bears on November 4th.

*Every time I saw him I promised myself I wouldn't stare at that finger. Then I proceeded to stare at it like a 3-D art poster.

PS: Maybe all the stockholders should gather at Cobb's and Jones' houses and sing them this?