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The NFL is great(video)

by Jason Miller

This is going to sound crazy so please know that this is just a random thought and I don't want to see anyone really get hurt.  But, despite the running back of my favorite team getting knocked the BLEEEP out. 

I was never so happy to see a player who has been a head hunter get taken out.  Now when I saw the hit I was like yeah that's right, but that was quickly changed to oh no, please get up.  We watch football, NASCAR, Drag Racing, MMA and Hockey to see the big one.  Meriweather, Lacy and Starks, those were the big ones.  They happened in the same game which made it even better.  Was I somewhere that I don't like talking about, hoping that Meriweather was going to get his during that game, yes.  I am not proud to say that but he knocked my guy out with an illegal hit and I was PISSED.  Then he tries to take out my other running back and BOOYAH, out went the lights and he's the one being walked to the locker room.  

These guys who play this game know their chances of getting hurt are about 90 percent, just a guess.  And they don't care and that is why they are my sports passion.  I love everything about the game and how fast it's played and the chances they take.  Just like I love watching, Hockey, NASCAR, MMA and Drag Racing because I know those athletes are doing it with the knowledge of, I might get hurt but I love doing this and I am not going to let that stop me.  That is something that should be looked at as generous.  They are generous enough to put their bodies on the line so I can be entertained and for that I thank them from the bottom of heart.  I don't want the game of football to change, I don't want it to become more like flag football just to make it safer.  I have one son who plays Pop Warner and my youngest son is just itching to get out there next year.  I talk to them about the chance that they could get hurt.  They just love football so much that they want to play.  So I support them and if something should happen, will I feel horrible, Yes of course I will but at the same time, they and I will have a lifetime of memories of what they did.

Here is the other video of Meriweather hitting Starks:

I am not trying to glorify these types of hits, but they are what makes the NFL the best sport in the World, in my opinion.  It's going to be a sad day when I have to watch flag football on Sunday's.  Please NFL just don't take away the game that Billions have fallen in love with.  Please!