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What kind of coach is he?

by Jason Miller

     You can’t teach big.  You can’t just grow it either.  But what you can do is make sure it’s always available when others don’t have it.  Would anyone in basketball or with any knowledge of the game disagree with that?  If they do, then they know nothing about the game.  Why is it that some coaches just out coach themselves because they, as their players at times, get caught up in the moment.  Should, Coach Vogel have left Hibbert in the game, for everyone who is saying no, they are stupid, and I will back it up with this.

With Hibbert out there, at the very least if Lebron drives, he gets fouled because Hibbert understands that Lebron is the one guy who could hurt the Pacers and would leave Bosh and at the very least make Lebron adjust his shot or maybe even block it.  Lebron does not drive to the hoop if Hibbert is there. He stops and pops, or misses.  Could Lebron have dribbled, drive and kick to Bosh for a jumper in 2.8 seconds...lol…lmao…ah no.  The only way that game ends the way it does is because Coach Vogel got caught up in the moment, took his seven footer out because of the three point threat.  What a joke!!!

So where do we go from here?  Great question to which I believe I have the answer.  You don’t take Hibbert out unless, he is in foul trouble, or needs a breather.  That is it!!!!  Hibbert will be the reason the pacers win.  Why, because you can’t teach height but you can have a coach who gets caught up in the moment and that’s why you lose.  If Coach Vogel doesn’t get over the fact that he is coaching against the Heat, Coach Vogel might just be coaching in the Spanish league next year hoping to impress the Bucks. 

Come on coach Vogel let us not forget that you coach against the players on the floor and not the legacy they have either created or are trying to.  It’s a league of greatness or not so great.  It’s the ones who can be in between that scale that make it a long time, well unless you are great then you can make it for as long as you want. 

I will sum it up like this, as a coach you can either be Phil Jackson, Greg Popovich, Pat Riley or from back in the day, Red Auerbach or you can be P. J. Carlesimo, Scott Skiles, Byron Scott or Rick Carlisle.  You pick your team and I will pick mine…mine is Jackson, Popovich, Riley and Auerbach team of coaches.  I want winners and those guys didn’t and don’t care who they are coaching against from the sideline to the floor.  Coach Vogel, which team do you want to be part of?