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Will this have Brooklyn yearning for Karl?

by Jason Miller

When I think of Jason Kidd, I think of the 1994 NCAA tournament when his California Golden Bears got run out of the tournament by Tony Bennett and his UWGB teammates.  When I think of Jason Kidd I think of a guy who could dish it out like Palmolive but struggled with his jumper but then again, was never asked to be the scoring threat for any team he played for.  I will think of the discussions I have had with friends and colleagues in this business on whether or not he is one of the best pure point guards we have seen in the NBA game.  I will think forever of him and Dirk holding up the NBA Championship trophies in 2011.  Sure in 2011 Dirk went to Kidd and said hey do this and this and don't do this or this and you will shoot better.  But just a few weeks ago Dirk gave a wonderful endorsement of Kidd's abilities: Nowitzki said of Kidd, "It's tough for me, right from player to coach...That’s tough, but I think if one guy can do it, it’s him."

Here's the one thing I don't want to think of...Jason Kidd fired after one season as Brooklyn's head coach.  I'm I thinking that will happen...no, but you have to look at the odds of this panning out and I think the odds of Kidd being a good shooter after Dirk showed him a few things is much better than Dirk saying he's the one guy who can do it.  

Will this be a pattern?  Will this be a guys way out if he is getting old and can't bring it anymore?  Will it be an owners way of holding onto a guy well beyond his playing days?  I don't know but here's one thing I do know.  If this Jason Kidd experiment fails, Brooklyn will need more than Palmolive to clean up the mess it made, it may need a little George Karl to get back on track.  Oh yeah that George Karl. who won coach of the year and then fired.  Still one of the best as far as I am concerned.