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Cubs Gonna Cub

by Joe

An expression that fits the Chicago Cubs perfectly is "Cubs Gonna Cub". What does it mean? Well, just that they're going to do something that you KNOW will be so routine of them yet it will be hilarious. 

Over the weekend Cubs Outfielder Julio Borden was up to bat in the 8th inning. Facing a 1-2 count, the Padres pitcher threw it inside attempting to get him to swing. The ball was in the dirt but what transpired after the ball hit dirt is the funny party. 


As you can tell, Borden reacted WAY late in an attempt to fake out the umpire and say he was hit by the pitch. Needless to say, he didn't get awarded the base and now he will forever live on Sportscenter's Not Top 10. 

This could be the high (or low) light of the Cubs season. It is only the first month of the 2013 campaign so I could be wrong....but I doubt it.