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Don't Sleep On Segura

by Tom King

If you only know Milwaukee Brewer shortstop Jean Segura by his comical "stealing" of first base during a game earlier this season...you need to check him out again. With Troy Tulowitzki injured, Segura is the best shortstop in baseball right now. At one point earlier this season he was the #1 player on the ESPN Fantasy tracker...yes more valuable than Miguel Cabrera. And, in the "real" game of baseball you can credibly make an argument that Segura should be in the MVP conversation this season. Don't believe me?? Look up his numbers...he's the only big leaguer with at least 10 homers and 20 steals and is playing defense at a particularly high level.

Unfortunately he is 3rd in the All-Star voting behind Tulo and Brandon Crawford. No offense to Mr. Crawford, but their is no way he should start the All-Star game ahead of Segura. The players will pick a starter when the top vote getter is injured and it would be a surprise if they pick some one other than the guy who made the Zach Grienke trade look like a steal for the Brew Crew.