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What We’ve Learned From The NFL (Week 15 Autopsy)

by Cade

What We’ve Learned From The NFL (Week 15 Autopsy)

My first thought...

How the mighty have fallen!  After Denver lost the first game of the week on Thursday night, there was a lot of ground to be gained from the other top teams in the AFC.  New England could’ve been in the driver’s seat for home-field advantage in the playoffs, but they lost to Miami.  And, the Bengals got beat by Pittsburgh.  With the exception of the Dolphins hanging on to win over the Patriots, the only other AFC team that needed a win and actually got it was Baltimore over the Lions.  The only top teams in the NFC that won were Chicago, New Orleans, Seattle and San Francisco.  And, they all faced inferior opponents.


Just because I understand it, doesn’t mean I have to like it.  I get why teams like Washington want to “protect” players from further injury by shutting them down for the remainder of the season.  Dynamic players like quarterback, Robert Griffin III have been sent to the bench by team management so that they are better able to help the team next season.  It might not be the best short-term answer, but I understand why teams would do this.  If the playoffs are already out of the question, I can see why teams would like to not only allow their players to get healthy, but also take a look at other guys that wouldn’t typically see the field.  In the process it might even help with a higher draft pick next year.  On paper, that seems all fine and dandy.  The people getting screwed the most out of decisions like that are the fans.  They come to see their favorite players play football, not ride the pine.

Thought number three…

Why in the world did it take so long for the Minnesota Vikings to decide on Matt Cassel as their starting quarterback?  He works faster and better than Ponder and seems to find ways to win the game.  Head coach, Leslie Frazier said that the organization had their reasons for not going to Cassel earlier.  Whatever those reasons were, I’m sure we’ll never know.


My Super Bowl XLVIII prediction.  Please understand that this feature could change each week depending on what teams do on any given Sunday.  As it stands now, I’m still sticking with my picks of The New Orleans Saints and Denver Broncos in the big game this February in the Meadowlands.  I understand that the popular pick in the NFC are the Seahawks after they slayed the Saints in Seattle a few weeks ago.  But, I believe Drew Brees has the edge over Russell Wilson because of his playoff experience.  The playoffs are a different animal and I’ll bet on a guy that already been there and done that.

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