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Addicted to Fantasy Football

by Craig Mattick

If I'm going to be addicted to anything, I'm glad its fantasy football.  Today, millions of football fans are doing their research for their drafts.  

Fantasy football was developed in the 60's by a couple guys who were involved with the Oakland Raiders.  I wonder what they would think how it has become a mulit-million dollar business.  There are some free fantasy leagues, but there are those who are paying to play, in hopes of either a nice payday or a traveling trophy.

I admit I look at NFL games alot differant since I'm in 2 fantasy leagues.  When I'm at the game, I'm looking at the scoreboard to see who scored for every other team. As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I get upset when Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers throws a touchdown, but  I'm also happy, because I have him on one of my fantasy leagues. 

Fantasy fans who are loyal to their NFL team, won't draft players from their biggest rival.  I've seen guys load up their fantasy teams with players from the favorite team.  I've heard all of the other "rules" of drafting in fantasy football....don't ever draft a kicker or a defense until the final rounds....load up on wide receivers and running backs in the beginning.  I've tried it both ways.

I've done fantasy games for the NBA.  I've never been in a fantasy game for MLB, becasue my interest in baseball isn't like the NFL. Plus, the baseball season is too long.  I will never participate in a fantasy game for the PGA.  If you're in a league for fantasy golf...you've got a problem. 

Fantasy football is king, just like the NFL.  Now, the big question.  When does the next draft start?