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Intrigued By The Shuttlecock

by Nick Vitrano

I’ve played tennis since I was old enough to hold a racquet.  We had great rec. dept. tennis classes when I was kid that prepared me well to play in high school and collegiately.  It’s a great sport – one that can be played well into an individual’s twilight years, even by oneself against the ol’ garage door or school wall.  Does anyone still play against the school wall?  Just wondering if that’s even allowed anymore.  Anyway, my love for tennis, both playing and watching, created in me a fascination with all sports racquet related. 

Badminton was one of my favorite units in gym class.  And when the summer Olympics roll around every four years, I am one of those who will seek out the badminton coverage.  It’s freakin’ insane what those dudes can do – the reaction time alone is unfathomable.  A friend of mine who shares in my fascination, sent me this video over the weekend.  Check it out:

That’s just incredible.  Of course, we were never able to get the shuttlecock to dance off the strings in that manner in high school gym class.  There’s good reason.  Mary Carillo explains in one of the best on-air pieces of sports filibustering ever: