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“Perspective” supports sports

by Nick Vitrano

The human default “thoughts and prayers” cannot begin to calm the ache for Oklahoma today.  The story continues to develop, for lack of better terms.  I feel like we’re going to be saying that a lot today, tomorrow, forever – “for lack of better terms.”  There simply are no words. 

In times of great tragedy, it is inevitable that we receive complaints from listeners on both sides of the aisle: we dwell too much on the tragedy…we don’t talk enough about the event.  Sports is the target of the ire, the mark for our pain and our anguish. 

“I can’t believe you’re talking about something so stupid like the Brewers in light of the horrible events.”

“I can get the details on the horror everywhere else, guys. Can you please talk about sports.  This is a sports show, right?”

It’s ironic, in a venue that does not rest until victory is declared, each side is correct, each emotion valid.  The cry is for perspective and the insinuation that in sports there is none, but I cannot help but disagree.  I believe it is in times such as these that sports’ true perspective is revealed.

I remember watching Chris Gizzi emerge from the tunnel of Lambeau field, American flag in hand, post-Septmeber 11th.  I remember watching the New Orleans Saints play a home game at Tiger Stadium at LSU following Hurricane Katrina.  I remember when the Saints returned to the Superdome in 2006.  Here in 2013 we’re Boston Strong.  We’ve watched as our stars performed under the cloud of personal tragedy – Brett Favre vs. Oakland after the death of his father comes to mind.

Sports is an escape, both for those who play and those who observe.  It is an oasis, a very real respite from real world burdens.  To talk it, to live it, to immerse oneself in it is not to minimize tragedy.  For those who choose to embrace it, it is much needed relief.