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Really ESPN?

by Nick Vitrano

So somebody let one go on ESPN’s “First Take” yesterday:

Because I find him annoying, I will jump on the “it was Skip Bayless” bandwagon.  Wait, I find Stephen A. Smith annoying as heck, too, maybe more annoying than Bayless (if that’s possible).  So, I guess I don’t really care who baked the air biscuit.  What I find hilarious is the fact that when ESPN re-aired “First Take” in the afternoon, they conspicuously edited out the trouser cough. 

Deadspin has the re-aired video: http://deadspin.com/espn-edits-fart-noise-out-of-first-take-re-air-506864885

Really ESPN?  We can’t just leave that alone?  Let it be what it is?  We have to pretend like we are too professional, too credible to allow a basic human function to soil our airwaves.  That’s actually kind of sad.  It makes me wonder what else they take care of in post-production.