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"Call Of Duty: Ghosts" Trailer Revealed

by Joe

On the heels of the reveal for the XBox One, the makers of the Call Of Duty series decided to unleash the trailer for the latest game, Call Of Duty: Ghosts today and it looks INCREDIBLE!!!

I own a Playstation 3, and will probably get the PS4 when it drops later this year, but if this game is just for the next generation consoles then it has my hopes up. It looks REALLY good and the script for the Campaign Mode was written by the same guy who wrote Traffic. I haven't played a Call of Duty game religiously since COD: Black Ops came out three years ago.

Get ready to see this over you television and salivate about it for the next few months because COD: Ghosts doesn't drop until November, making it the perfect Christmas gift to surprise your kid or your big kid or maybe your husband/boyfriend who happens to be a big kid. 

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