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Hidden URL in Spiderman 2 teaser

by Greg Belfrage

Fanboys have discovered a hidden URL in the recently released trailer for Amazing Spiderman 2.

The website address ELECTROARRIVES.COM appears in a very quick scene of Jamie Foxx as Electro. It can be seen in the beam of light we've highlighted with yellow on the right side of the screen.

But here's the thing... you'll have to watch the trailer at 1080p in order to see it.  Its very difficult to spot, even watching in fullscreen HD. Roll the trailer into 2:05 to view the scene.

Trailer #1 - Amazing Spiderman 2 
Electroarrives.com features a photo of Harry Osborn watching security camera footage.  There's an end of the year countdown display. The countdown is likely a reference to the upcoming release of new footage from the movie. New scenes are scheduled to be released on New Year's Eve during Spiderman's appearance in Times Square.

Screenshot: Electroarrives.com

The screen which Osborn is watching shows someone, presumably Jamie Foxx, falling into a large vat of chemicals. Might this be the origin of Electro?

One way to keep abreast on the latest hints and clues about Amazing Spiderman 2 is to keep a close eye on The Daily Bugle on Tumblr.  You'll find newspaper articles, photos and editorials direct from the pages of J. Jonah Jameson's infamous rag.

Greg Belfrage is a lifelong Star Trek fan, Batman toy collector, sci-fi movie maniac and hopeless geek. He can be contacted at greg.belfrage@mwcradio.com.