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Old Creepy House

by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
I dreamed I was in an old creepy house or apartment.  The rooms are connected by doors. Someone is after me. As I run through a door it leads I to an old bedroom. I hide under the bed and shut my eyes tight. I hear a man enter the room and I wake up.   – Cindy 31, Chicago, IL

Lauri: The old house represents an old part of your life.  It has a creepy feel to it because it is probably an issue that is disturbing to you. You are running from someone because this is likely an issue you are avoiding dealing with. The bedroom you run into is a big clue, it not only means this is something you wish to put to rest but might also be connected to an old intimate issue or relationship. Closing your eyes suggests you are not willing or wanting to face the reality or are trying to turn a blind eye towards it. You wake when you hear a man enter the room. That man is probably your assertive male energy, the part of you that needs to enter the picture, the part of you that needs to "man up" and be rational and assertive rather than emotional. This will likely help you to deal with the issue once and for all.

Cindy replies: I am dealing with some issues where some people from my past are re- entering my life; family members. I haven’t spoken with them since I was a teen. What you're saying seems to make sense. Thinking about it, the bedroom almost reminds me of an old apartment I lived in when I was little. I’m hoping to get past these issues. I got it about being rational rather than emotional.  This makes sense. Thank you.

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