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by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
My mom had come to my work and we were walking down the hallway when she turned back and ran to the bathroom.  I thought that she had a stomachache and wasn't that concerned so I proceeded to my desk.  Then someone told me a woman was throwing up blood in the bathroom. I knew it was Mom.  I was frantically looking for phone to call my daughter and couldn't find one.   Mom started to scream in pain so I picked her up and headed outside.  I noticed a person dragging a lady, face down in front of us.  Then I woke up.   - Lori 41, Modesto, CA

Lauri: This dream is not about your mom but rather about your own role as mom… there definitely is an issue here that your dream is trying to help you with.  Your mom throwing up blood is a warning sign that that there is something unhealthy in your relationship with your daughter that needs to be purged immediately.  Since there is no phone in the dream, your communication with her is not working in real life.  The pain your mother has in the dream is your emotional pain.  Your dream is telling you to “Pick yourself up” and get this “out” in the open with your daughter. No need to allow this issue to “drag” on and on.

Lori Replies:
You are absolutely correct!  My daughter recently moved out for the first time with her boyfriend.  Within that first month, she told me they fight every day.  From what I've gathered he has anger issues.  He also wants to know her every move even when she and I are together.  She actually gave him a week to pull it together or she'll be moving back home.   I'm there to listen and give advice but she tends to make her own decisions.  Over the weekend, I expressed my feelings to her about the fear I have.  I hope she holds firm on her decision.  Fascinating Dream Fact: Whether she is still on this planet or not, our moms show up in our dreams, on average, about once a week! 

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