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Boating tip

by Tom Mitchell

Had a great time with my family a couple of weeks ago boating on the Mississippi River near Wabasha Minnesota.  Temps were in the low 80's with plenty of sunshine and a bit windy.  In fact the wind churned up the river quite a bit and made for a bumpy ride at times.  So bumpy, that half-way through our trip I realized that my life preserver had blown out of the boat!  Lost somewhere downstream a couple of miles.  Wasn't really worth our time to try and find it because it was pretty old anyway and needed to be tossed.  So now I get a trip to the boating store to drop $50 on a new one.  Boating tip:  when traveling in windy conditions on the water, make sure everything is secured and tied down.  (You'd think I would know this, since I've been boating for over 40 years.  So I can't chalk this up as a rookie mistake).