Your Home for the Sioux Falls Canaries

KWSN is your home for the Sioux Falls Canaries. Check out the schedule below!

Date Home/Away Time Opponent
7/1/2014 Home 7:05pm SouthShore RailCats
7/2/2014 Home 7:05pm SouthShore RailCats
7/3/2014 Home 7:05pm SouthShore RailCats
7/4/2014 Away 7:05pm Kansas City T-Bones
7/5/2014 Away 7:05pm Kansas City T-Bones
7/6/2014 Away 5:05pm Kansas City T-Bones
7/7/2014 Away 7:05pm Wichita Wingnuts
7/8/2014 Away 7:05pm Wichita Wingnuts
7/9/2014 Away 7:05pm Wichita Wingnuts
7/11/2014 Home 7:05pm Grand Prairie Air Hogs
7/12/2014 Home 6:05pm Grand Prairie Air Hogs
7/13/2014 Home 4:05pm Grand Prairie Air Hogs
7/15/2014 Home 7:05pm Laredo Lemurs
7/16/2014 Home 7:05pm Laredo Lemurs
7/17/2014 Home 7:05pm Laredo Lemurs
7/18/2014 Away 7:02pm Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks
7/19/2014 Away 6:00pm Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks
7/20/2014 Away 1:00pm Fargo-Moorhead RedHawks
7/21/2014 Away 7:05pm St. Paul Saints
7/22/2014 Away 7:05pm St. Paul Saints
7/23/2014 Away 1:05pm St. Paul Saints
7/24/2014 Away 7:05pm St. Paul Saints
7/25/2014 Home 7:05pm Sioux City Explorers
7/26/2014 Home 6:05pm Sioux City Explorers
7/27/2014 Home 4:05pm Sioux City Explorers
7/30/2014 Home 7:05pm Winnipeg Goldeyes
7/31/2014 Home 7:05pm Winnipeg Goldeyes