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Petros and Money

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Weekdays 6pm - 9pm
  • About the Show

    The former USC football star got his start in broadcasting fresh off the field by doing television analysis for Fox Sports Net and radio work on the Trojan flagship station. Papadakis broadened his TV duties over the next couple of years by adding sideline reporting and magazine show hosting roles.

    The “Petros Papadakis Show” started in January 2004. Every afternoon, Petros touched on all aspects of sports, entertainment and life in general. His passion, rapid fire delivery and ability to zoom past politically correct boundaries have made him a controversial figure and a lightning rod for attention. He was named L.A.'s number one "Sports Radio Host" in 2006 by the Los Angeles Daily News.

    In 1994, after completing his junior year at Pepperdine University, Matt Smith decided it was time to start thinking about his career. As a pre-law Student (Double Major: Political Science and Speech Communications) he did the logical thing: He took a job answering phones on a morning show at a modern rock station in Los Angeles. After graduation, realizing he needed to support himself (and pay back 38K in student loans), Matt left KROQ for a job at Polygram Records. After the record business, Matt hooked up with Petros, and the rest is history