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Enough Is Enough

by Joe

Earlier this week it was reported that a student athlete in the NCAA was fined for "using university water and a university hose to wash her car". I'm not making this up. You can read the article here via Yahoo!


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I'm tired of this. Student athletes get punished for everything. These are kids that the NCAA is making money off of and not paying them but with "an education". Hate to break it to ya NCAA, but sometimes that education doesn't get you anywhere. I graduated college and I owe more in student loans than I make in a year at my current job. "Hey, come to our school and play a sport on scholarship and maybe when your playing days are over you'll have something to fall back on". 

Not every student athlete is going to go pro or be successful if they go pro. It is important to stay and get an education but let's face it: when was the last time you saw a student athlete put forth effort in a class? They don't have to at most schools because they play a sport. I witnessed it first hand as a member of the basketball team at my university received a "C" just for showing up and maybe putting forth a little effort in the same class I was taking and busting my ass to get an "A" in. I'm not pointing the blame on either the students or the professors, I'm just saying that this "education in exchange for a scholarship" thing isn't 100% accurate. It's about time the NCAA started paying the athletes instead of telling them their education is their payment. 

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